اهداف و چشم انداز

Having a firm belief in the effectiveness of proper management, the top management of the company persistently constrain the organization towards continual improvement of the production processes, the quality of the products and services, which has provided incessant customer satisfaction.

Presently, the executives are more concerned about customer’s contentment than the company’s economical stance, therefore, the integrated management system (IMS), based on internationally established standards is developed and extolled.

Hence, according to the above mentioned stance, exceptional attention is paid to the human resources and their surrounding environment as the main structural frame of the company.

Henceforth, the slogan we build quality is extended throughout the company:                                                                                             

  • Customer orientated
  • Improving human resource’s skills and education
  • Developing the market and improving the organization’s credit and trading symbol
  • Continuous development and improvement of the processes
  • Improving production abilities
  • Improving contractors building and construction abilities
  • Improving Health, safety and environment of the organization (HSE)

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Factory Map

Main office

Aptus building of Unit 3
 No. 181 Derakhti Street
Mehrvila , karaj
Sales Phone: 026-33506904
Tehran office
No 99. unit 4
Opposite Arikhe Iranians, St. A. Anari
West Town, Blvd Farahzadi
tel : 021-88699206


The second street east (Shariati)
Eram Blvd,  Mehrshahr karaj
Aptus's Industrial Complex
Phone: 026 - 33100
Mehrshar Office
St.113 , Eram Blvd. Mehrshahr karaj
Sales Phone: 026 - 33403348